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Kathleen Branch

Kathleen always travels with her paint brushes. As an accomplished scenic artist - painting scenery, backdrops, and working behind the scenes in film, opera, and ballet - she has traveled the world capturing clients' visions, while expanding her own artistic horizons.


The pursuit of her artistic career has led her to London, New York, Washington DC, Wisconsin, Idaho, and her all-time-favorite, Santa Fe, New Mexico, before eventually returning to the West Coast.


While living and working in Los Angeles, Kathleen brought her vibrant vision and advanced painting techniques to create scenery at amusement parks. She was also admired for her enthusiastic instruction of both adults and children in classical charcoal drawing, watercolor, and oil painting for an L.A-based private art school.


Kathleen received her Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. She resides in Bend, Oregon, enjoying the good life where she creates custom art for clients.

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